Join the Fifteen Seconds crew

Istanbul, Fall 2021

Fifteen Seconds Festival gathers thousands of thinkers and makers from all over the globe in Istanbul. Apply now for volunteering and gain hands-on experience in organizing a major international event.

Fifteen Seconds Festival
Empowering curious minds since 2014

Hello. Since 2014, Fifteen Seconds Festival unites curious minds from different business sectors and disciplines for 48 hours of inspiration, knowledge transfer, and networking in Graz, Austria. In 2021, we’re coming to Istanbul and expect 4,000 attendees from the fields of business, innovation, and creativity at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar ICEC. We offer 150 motivated young people the opportunity to join our successful volunteering program.

What’s in it for you
Reasons to apply as a volunteer
Within our volunteers’ crew, numerous friendships and contacts are made year over year. Speaking from experience, these friendships have a positive and long-lasting influence on our volunteers’ future careers. On top of the exclusive networking with leaders from internationally renowned companies, organizations, and universities, your commitment as a Fifteen Seconds volunteer offers you the following benefits.

Hands-on experience

Valuable experience in organizing and executing a major international event.


An energetic and immersive experience that will drive you forward.


We give you the opportunity to participate in several talks at the festival.

After-show party

Celebrate with our team and 4,000 other curious minds at the official after-show party.

Letter of reference

A personal letter of reference from Fifteen Seconds for your future career path.


Access to the FS career network and international partner companies.
Teamwork wins championships
Our volunteer teams

Once the festival is around the corner, we get ready for 100 speakers from all over the globe and thousands of attendees gathering in Istanbul. Wanna be part of the spectacle? Cool. These are your team options.

Thousands of attendees, partners, and speakers need to be smoothly registered for the festival on both days and must be equipped with wristbands and badges. That’s your job.
Speaker Hosting
You will be the first contact person and companion for our international top-speakers. Cheerfulness and outstanding hospitality are our highest priorities here.
Partner hosting
Partner hosts work closely with the Fifteen Seconds partnerships unit and support it in handling various organizational tasks.
It’s all about coordinated processes here. The logistics team is responsible for the festival’s efficient set-up and dismantling and never loses track of anything.
Stage management
The interface between the technical support and our speakers. Our stage managers are responsible for a smooth flow on all of our stages during both festival days.
This team supervises the six different networking formats at the festival as well as those at the side events and supports their successful execution.
The expo team shines a light on our partner companies for the entire two festival days and provides attendees with helpful information in case of any questions.
Apply now
Apply here for volunteering at Fifteen Seconds Festival 2021. The festival takes place in fall 2021 in Istanbul. The time frame for volunteering is six days around the festival dates.

How to apply



Apply on our website.



You receive a confirmation mail right after that.


First contact

Afterward, our crew manager reaches out to you and provides you with more information and details regarding your possible engagement as a volunteer at Fifteen Seconds Festival.


Positive/negative answer

In case of a positive answer, please block the festival week in your calendar.


Further information

You receive all additional information (team assignment, briefing, crew guide) in time before the festival.

Frequently asked questions


What’s the application deadline?

Generally speaking, you can apply for volunteering all year round. The principle of first-come, first-served applies.


I am not an Istanbul local. Will Fifteen Seconds cover my expenses for travel, accommodation, and meals?

We’ve got you covered regarding drinks and food at the festival venue, but we don’t cover travel and accommodation. We’re happy to connect you with our partner hotels for discount rates. You can also connect with volunteers from Istanbul to get a free sleeping place.


Is there an introduction? Will I be trained before the festival?

Our crew manager will provide you with all relevant information via email beforehand. The official kick-off meeting with the entire crew attending will take place on Thursday before the festival. At this meeting, all open questions will be answered, and you will receive hands-on training for the festival.


Can I attend talks at the festival?

According to your festival schedule, we will enable you to attend several talks to make sure you get your fair share of inspiration and knowledge transfer.

Any questions left?

Please get in touch with our crew management, we’re happy to help you out.

Crew Management